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Say hello to the leadership team at 180 Community Church.

Meet our leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at 180 Community Church. Got questions for the team? Contact us by clicking here.

Jerimie & Ashley Olvera

Lead/Founding Pastors

Photo of Jerimie and Ashley Olvera

Jerimie & Ashley Olvera are honored to pastor and lead 180 Community Church. They started the mission of 180 Community Church back in 2014 and have had to overcome some challenges in that time, but God has always made a way. They celebrated 10 years of marriage as of Oct 2020, have 3 daughters and a schnauzer named Lillie.

Jerimie says, "I love that God chose me to be a girl dad, I wouldn’t have it any other way. One special thing about Ashley and is that we met in High School. Ashley had the biggest crush on me and wouldn’t leave me alone (her story may be slightly different). Today we have a beautiful and amazing family! 180 Community Church has become more than just a gathering of people worshiping Jesus, it’s become a place where people are known and loved. We believe God has a plan for you and we can help you discover that plan."

Manuel & Jessica Sanchez

Outreach / Administration & Safety

Photo of Manuel and Jessica Sanchez

Manuel & Jessica Sanchez joined the mission at 180 a little over three years ago. Jessica is 180's Administrative Assistant and Manuel is the Safety Team Coordinator. Together, they coordinate Media as well.

Jessica says, "Here at 180, we are all family! We all come from different backgrounds, but are able to come together as ONE to fulfill our mission of Reaching The One and thats the best part! If you're looking for somewhere to call home, where people have your back, where you're not judged because of where you've been or where you are in your walk of life, you have found the place. Thats why we have stayed here and that's why you should join us."

Manuel and Jessica both love football and though they are a divided house, Jessica says that Manuel knows her team is better (haha). Manuel also plays football and Jessica loves to take pictures and do crafts. They have two daughters, Adeline and Camila