Vision & Mission

Reaching The One, Making Disciples, Becoming Christ's Family that Serves Our Community.

Our Vision

Our five core values, what we call our “Drive 5”, are: love God, love people, serve, be genuine, and live generous. Those values guide us in all that we do and provide the vision and direction for 180 Community Church.

Our Mission

Our mission at 180 Community Church; Reaching the One, making disciples, becoming Christ's family that serves our community.

Jesus said when we serve others we serve Him—giving those who are hungry something to eat, visiting those who are in prison, demonstrating God’s love to those the world would call “the least of these”. It is His mission call to us and we are committed to reaching every 'one' He puts in front of us.

Join The Mission

Part of ‘being’ the Church is getting involved. We have found that when people get involved in helping fulfill the mission of the Church, they find a sense of fulfillment walking out the role God has created them for. You were designed to connect with others and there’s no better way to do that than in serving God together arm in arm.